Welcome to 2nd grade!

Thank you for coming to my website! I will update this regularly with ideas for learning at home. Anything I post will be review of what we have already taught this year. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at englersm@pwcs.edu or all at (703) 919-2692. Also, follow me on Twitter @DmesDragons!

Starting the week of April 20, I will have office hours! Reach out to me for questions or concerns during these times each week!

Monday 11:45-12:15
Wednesday 11:45-12:15

Mrs. McFadden and Mrs. Magrath will have office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:45-12:15. Call these numbers if you need to contact them!

Mrs. Magrath 571-402-2724

Mrs. McFadden 571-402-2249

Starting the week of April 20, 2nd grade will have "Instructional hours" Monday through Thursday from 10:45-11:45. During this time, teachers will be giving feedback on student work or may even have live instructional videos students can join! 

Materials and instruction that are being shared is for review and enrichment only.  There is no new material being taught.

The 2nd grade team has added a "choice board" for students to engage in throughout the week. There are 5 choices of activities for each subject. The choice board can be found under "files and documents" on the left hand side of the screen. Anything you complete, feel free to share on SeeSaw! 

 Due to the concern about COVID19, schools will be closed for the remainder of the school yer. Follow the link below for more details and updates. 

If you need ideas for home during the unexpected break, please look under the useful links for technology ideas. Also, have students continue to read for 20 minutes or more each day!

If you need a login for your student, please email me at englersm@pwcs.edu or message me on class dojo. I will return your message within 24 hours. 

Daily Word Problem
4/17 Word Problem: Answer = 26 - 13 = 13
Samantha had 26 balloons. Some balloons burst. She still has 13 
balloons. How many balloons burst? 

4/16 Word Problem: Answer = 13 + 16 = 26
On Saturday, Zion went to the pet shop. There were 13 red fish and 16 blue fish in the shop. How many fish were in the shop?

4/15 Word Problem: Answer = 32 + 13 = 45
Curtis has 
23 stickers. Derren gives him some stickers. Now Curtis has 45 stickers. How many stickers did Daniel give Curtis? 

4/14 Word Problem: Answer = 38 - 27 = 11
Ayanna has 38 cookies. She gives some to Abby. Now Ayanna has 11 cookies left. How many cookies did 
she give to Abby? 

4/13 Word Problem: Answer = 33 - 18 = 15
Salma had 
some pencils. She gave 18 to Khalil. Now she has 15 left. How many pencils did Salma start with? 

4/3 Word Problem: Answer = 24-17 = Students
Mrs. Engleright’s class has 24 students. Mrs. Speight’s class has 17 students. How many fewer students does Mrs. Speight’s class have?  

4/2 Word Problem: Answer = 12 + 8 = 20
 had 12 apples. Jake had 8 more apples than Amoni. How many apples did Jake have?  

4/1 Word Problem: Answer = 28 + 14 = 42 pencils
Sue had some pencils. Alex gave her 14 more. Now Sue has 42 pencils. How many pencils did Sue have to start with? 

3/31 Word Problem: Answer = 35 - 19 = 16 marbles
Brooke had 35 marbles. She gave some to Joe. She has 16 marbles left. How many marbles did Brooke give to Joe? 

3/30 Word Problem: Answer = 28 + 14 = 42 pencils 
Sue had 28 pencils. Alex gave her 14 more pencils. How many pencils does Sue have altogether? 

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