In 2nd grade, students are asked to read nightly for 20 minutes or more. This will help in all areas as students transition from simply reading the words to actually reading to understand.

There is no other assigned homework. If you are looking for more for students to do at home, I recommend the following: 
  • Check folders and have students complete any work that was not complete (or not done correctly) from school
  • Ask students to write and draw about their day 
  • Ask students questions after they read like: "What was your book about?"  "Who were the characters?" "What was the setting?"  "What might happen next?"  "How could you change the ending and make it a new story?"
  • Any math practice for math facts such as flash cards, reciting facts orally, practicing math facts on free computer games or apps. 

Dreambox and Raz Kids are great places for students to get extra practice at home for both reading and math. Dreambox is math based. RazzKids is reading based. 

If you want to see what your student will be learning next, check out our pacing guides found here: