Have a great summer!  :-) 

6/8/20 - Today is World Ocean Day.  Check out my files/documents section for some info and activities!

5/20/20 - Memorial Day is this coming Monday, 5/25!  Check out my files/documents section for info and ideas on how to celebrate!

6/1/20 - This Friday is World Environment Day.  Check out some info, along with activities, on my files/documents section!  I'd love to see what you do!

**Check out Useful Links - Summer divergent thinking activities added 5/29/20 

**June Creativity activities added 5/29/20 in files/documents

**I just got a Google Voice Phone Number - 571-406-4331.  I am available during office hours:  Tues/Thurs 9:45AM-10:15AM.

4/14/20 - Be sure to check out my weekly brain teaser on files/documents page! **Weeks 6, 7, and 8 have been added as of 6/1/20!

*In order to access TEAMS, you need to log in to your office 365 account.  Don't forget to include @pwcs-edu.org for students!

    2nd grade:  You have a new video and activity on your TEAMS class notebook.  Also, check out the Collaboration space for "Would you rather..."
                  3rd grade:  Check out your TEAMS folder and let me know how you're doing!  I'm excited to see your responses to "Would you rather..." as well.  I can't wait to hear your thoughts in response to the questions for inventions created by mistake!
                  SIGNET (4th/5th):  Check out your grade level TEAMS folders.  I added the Riddle of the Week in your folders in the content library section.  Also, check out your Class Notebook section in TEAMS.

  **Please be sure to check out the PWCS home page for the most up-to-date information!  As of 4/13/20 - the county wants us to let you know that:  Materials and instruction being shared are for review and enrichment only.  No new material is being taught.  Here is the link to the Home Learning page http://www.pwcs.edu/cms/One.aspx?portalId=340225&pageId=41506907  (If you go to the Optional Elementary Schedule and scroll down, there are additional activities for each subject area.)
 For Parents who had students in the evaluation process:

Gifted Identification Update

With the closure of Prince William County Schools due to COVID-19, the timeline for gifted identification has been affected. The division-level Gifted Identification/Placement Committees will meet to review cases and make decisions regarding eligibility as soon as possible when PWCS reopens. We will continue to keep you updated as the situation evolves. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the gifted resource teacher at your child's school.

   I am sorry about this interruption in our learning, but it is so important for everyone to stay healthy.  Students can always write a story - try to be creative! (Create characters or settings that nobody else would think of...)  Feel free to email it to me if you want. Also, during this extended time we are all spending at home, below are some games and activities to play. View image on Twitter
   For my SIGNET (4th/5th grade) students, if you choose, the following link goes along well with our current roller coaster unit.  https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/hass-storytelling/imagineering-in-a-box  If you choose to do a powerpoint, SWAY, or just write about your findings, I would love to see your work!
  ALL LEVELS:  For Continuity of Learning - Please take a moment, as well, and look through my Useful Links section for activities the students can access that support creative and/or critical thinking activities should they feel the need to challenge their minds!  If you choose to take a virtual field trip, create a quiz, a scavenger hunt, or some other way that might enhance the activity.  If you choose to visit Wonderopolis site (under Gifted Enrichment Opportunities), please see my files and documents page for a reflection activity to go with it.  As of 6/1/20, I added a June Creativity file with some special activities.  I would love to see anything you choose to do!   :-) My school email is mcadamke@pwcs.edu.
:-) Mrs. McAdams