Choice Board
The link above takes you to the weekly Choice Board. You and your child can pick activities that you like! If you choose to complete an activity remember to share it with our class on Flipgrid! Click this link and the Flipcode for this week is: bestmay4tomay8 .

Weekly Update

Here is the link to take you to the weekly update! I post information about the current week to aide in Virtual Learning!

Clever Link

The link above gives access to clever for students to use RAZ kids and Dreambox. If you need their passwords or Clever badge I can email you!
A new app is available through Clever called MyON. It is another great resource to use for reading books!
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Check out this Flipgrid on why we love Dumfries! Feel free to help your child 
add why they love Dumfries!
Flipcode: dumfriesdragons

Flipgrid Links: (3/30-4/03) Code: best0403 Code: bestapril2 Code: bestapril01 Code: best331 Code: bestmm330

Math Links

Origo Link
This link will take you to Origo at Home. Origo is a resource to practice Mathematics. It has daily activities set up for a week!

Origo One provides videos to reinforce math skills. 
Origo One

Math Games for Kindergarten: Kindergarten Math Games 
Math Words and Ideas: Math Words and Games

The following links are to 3 Acts Tasks which are interactive math/problem solving tasks.
Equally Balancing Numbers
Humpty Dumpty
Popping Balloons

The following links are to Jack Hartman videos to help review math skills.
The Money Song
Count to 100
Cowboy Count to 100
Count by 10's to 100

*Check the Files and Documents for a Building number activities 
Reading Links
PALs (Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening)
PALs Activities
PALs Parent's Monthly Activities

Storyline Online
Storyline Online provides children's books read-aloud. 

Scholastic for Kindergarten
This site provides daily practice with fiction and nonfiction read-alouds. Then students can complete different activities. 

The following links are to CoCo Melon which has different nursery rhymes for Kindergarten:
Five Little Ducks
ABC Song & More

The following links are to Jack Hartman videos to help review literacy skills.
Exercise, Rhyme and Freeze (rhyming words)
Letter Sounds
A-Z Letter Formation

*If you go under Files and Documents I also included a document with fun poems for Kindergarten! 

Science Links
We are learning all about living things! Here are a few links to check out!
Smithsonian for Kids
National Geographic-animals
San Diego Zoo

Additional Resources:
The Prince William County Library has online resources as well. The link will be below:
PWC Library

Starfall has some free educational games for Kindergarten: Starfall 

Time for Kids has many educational articles for K-1. Look for topics based on your child's interests. 
Time for Kids K-1