Hello! I am your child's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Pfaff. I am so excited to start my first year at Dumfries Elementary.

I've been teaching for four years, and I've held an active license in Virginia for two. I started my career in Pennsylvania, my home state, where I've been licensed for the last six years. I grew up on the outskirts of Philadelphia where I met my husband of 12 years. Upon his enlistment into the military, I enrolled in University of Phoenix to acquire my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, a dream I always had since my own time in grade school. I graduated in 2011 and began my teaching career in 2014. I took a break from teaching in 2016 to give birth to my son, and I stayed home with him for a year. I realized how entirely boring this was and went back into the field I knew I was destined for. I haven't looked back since! 

Kindergarten and the grades surrounding it have always been my area of preference: I relate better to younger students and I enjoy letting my creativity spark to give them the best experience possible when they enter my classroom. I enjoy forming strong bonds with my students, and believe in a family-oriented classroom full of the exchange of ideas and constant collaboration. I look forward to using the same tactics again this year!

By email: pfaffke@pwcs.edu
By phone (Google voice number): 571-445-0389
(school number): 703-221-3101